Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A is for ......

This is the first in the series of 'The ABC of Things I Love...' and since I am learning to love EVERYTHING in my life each post could become quite an extensive list of wonderfully loveable things. But I'm going to start with 10 things that are easy to love, that I can love without having to try too hard, and that by simply being in my life, bring me delight.  Here goes...
A is for the Alphabet - such a wonderful sequence of letters, and such a superb system for creating lists like these!
A is for Anika...the most delightful 7 year old I know and a simply adorable daughter.
A is for Avocadoes. Delicious and nutritious!
A is for Auckland. My adopted home city. So much diversity. So much to explore. Right on our doorstep.
A is for asana. The physical practice of yoga which has transformed my life.
A is for Art libraries, these are national treasures.  It's time I visited the newly revamped Auckland one.
A is for April. The month I was born, and the middle of my favourite season, Autumn!
A is for Agapanthus.. I think some people think of these as a weed, but they're one of my favourite flowers, especially growing wild at the side of the road.
A is for Authors. Those incredibly talented people who have the gift of story telling and the dedication to put it onto paper.
A is for the Atlantic Ocean. Cold but invigorating!

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  1. lovely to see you back blogging again, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Hope all is well with you.