Monday, October 12, 2009

My 10 Personal Commandments

I recently discovered a website called The Happiness Project. It was started by Gretchen Rubin who spent a year testing all the age old wisdom, new scientific research and popular theories about Happiness and then documented her findings on her blog and in a soon-to-be-published book of the same name. Her website is a mine of useful information and includes a toolbox of instructions and guidelines on how to make your life happier.

One of the tools is the Personal Commandments which prompts you to list the most important principles that you want to guide your actions and thoughts - values that you know to be true for your own personal fulfillment.

I spent quite a while pondering this list, it changed a few times (it was hard to keep the list to 10 - it would probably be absolutely fine to list more, but the aim is to be concise). I'll probably keep refining my list, as I learn more about myself and what makes me happiest but for now it reads as follows:

1. Be 100% Kathleen. Do what you love.

2. Be here now. With all 5 senses.

3. Listen to your body. Trust what it says.

4. Eat consciously. Savour every mouthful.

5. Speak your truth.

6. When in doubt or despair, go for a walk.

7. Be the friend you'd like to have.

8. Live in harmony with the seasons.

9. Know that you already have everything you need.

10. Love Glenn, as he is.

If I wake up every morning and consider these 10 things, I can be sure that my days will be happier and my life will be more meaningful. I can honestly say that just taking the time to make this list has made me feel more at peace with who I am - it's really worth taking the time to make your list!

In future posts, I'll expand on what each one of these items means to me and why it is so important to my day to day joy. In the meantime, I encourage you to list your own Personal Commandments and start living each day according to them.

with thanks to lucky fish images for the beautiful photograph!