Friday, November 11, 2011

Heidi 20 weeks

I thought you might like to see a recent picture of our puppy...every time I open my blog page and see that funny little picture of Heidi in the previous post, I think 'I need to post a new one'!  And here she is at 20 weeks - isn't she beautiful!?


  1. She's lovely! Perhaps still quite a handful? Glad you shared her photo. It looks like she is having a good time outside. Hope all is well with you and yours.

  2. Oh bless her!

    Hope you are well dear xx

  3. Definitely still a handful! Patience has taken on a new meaning for me(and I am discovering I don't have much of it!). But I'm getting lots of exercise - she needs a daily walk (which definitely reduces her level of mischievousness!)Life has become very busy but hoping to do some blogging again soon..
    love to you both xo

  4. oh look at her, she looks beautiful! glad you are having such fun with her

  5. Gorgeous! She's so lovely! And her name is famous in Switzerland :D

    Enjoy the excercises with her and take care!