Friday, August 12, 2011

our new addition

One more sleep until we go and fetch the next addition to our family (or should I say our 'pack')!  Tomorrow Heidi, our 8-week-old German Shepherd puppy will bounce into our lives and no doubt turn it upside down!  The sparse amount of spare time I once had is going to be consumed by puppy training, puppy feeding, puppy playing, and eventually puppy walking (at least an hour a day is what German Shepherds need).  Any occasional half hour that I might have used for a random blog post is soon going to vanish!  So before I disappear, here's a picture of our adorable Heidi, taken at 5 weeks.

I hope to pop back every now and then with a new photo and an update on her progress. 
Soul Sisters may be about to become a doggy blog!


  1. oh I so want one of those! wow you lucky thing, how is it going? hope you are enjoying it all!

  2. Oh, lovely. Good luck with Heidi. See my new puppy experiences on my blog... which didn't start out to be a doggy blog at all.

  3. Hope all's going well with your new pup and that you're getting some sleep!