Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a new month

January has come and gone and the river of stones continues to flow strongly.  I so enjoyed the project that I have decided to continue on my home sweet home blog - not necessarily daily but at least a few times a week. 

In February I plan to take more photographs again, alongside continuing to collect stones.  I'll also write a little bit more about my word of the year - JOY - and how I am hoping to cultivate more of it in my life this year.

The girls go back to school this week so our long summer holidays are officially over - but hopefully that doesn't mean an end to the lovely warm weather!

Here's a picture taken at Muriwai beach in December on a perfect summer day.  It's one of my favourite beaches - for walking, swimming and inhaling the fresh sea air!

Happy February, everyone and thank you for your comments on my stones posted in January!


  1. this looks a wonderful place to be, so glad you are taking pictures again but can you put some of your lovely river of stones in here too? they were so great.

  2. thanks for your lovely comments on my photographs but I am waiting for you to post some more photographs or words!!

  3. Lovely photo. I have fond memories of Muriwai.