Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Apologies for my absence from here.  February has been a busy month!  I've been writing the occasional stone over at home sweet home but other than that blogging has taken a back seat to my yoga teacher training, and entertaining overseas visitors!

On Sunday I took my aunt down to Muriwai to see the gannet colony. They're a fascinating breed and I could stand and watch them for hours.  They glide through the air with such grace, making flight look so effortless. The chicks are growing fast and soon they will be off to Australia.   In other words, there isn't much left of our summer.  Although right now, it feels as though it might last forever!


  1. this looks such a great place, how lovely to have this to go and visit.

  2. Love Muriwai. I'm waiting for the Godwits to show signs of being on the move north and then I'm following them. When they return, so do I. My life has become ruled by the weather and the migration patterns of birds. I'm not complaining.

  3. Oh, so glad to hear that you are doing training and enjoying it! Everyone I know who has done it loved the experience! I know I learned so much and I feel like I am still just beginning!

    Hope all is fabulous with you and your family!