Thursday, July 22, 2010


Here's a beautiful poem by Laura Walters I read on 37 days. Patti always seems to find great poetry worth sharing -thanks Patti!

Is a thousand pains
Placed one by one
In small boats
Kissed tenderly
And sent out to sea
Sometimes a few float back
The exquisiteness of the pain
Kissed yet again
Then placed in its boat and sent out
As many times as it takes
Will they ever stop coming back
I can’t know
I can only send them out again
One by one
-Laura S. Walters

p.s. do you like my new layout? It took about 3 minutes, the hardest part was choosing the background...


  1. 3 minutes? Boos and hisses jealously. I always take AGES to do those kind of changes. Which is why nothin' much changes over at my blog *)
    Except the thoughts, of course.

  2. I give all credit to 'blogger' and their flash new template designer, it really is just 'point and click'...and you know, quite honestly if the content of my blog was anywhere NEAR as inpiring and consistently updated as yours, I wouldn't have to fiddle around with layouts to try and give them impression that I have actually done anything :-)
    have a great weekend