Saturday, July 31, 2010

the august break

Today is the last day of July which means tomorrow AUGUST begins!
I've signed up for Susannah Conway's August Break... you can read all about it here. Basically it means I'll be posting a photo a day for the month of August - no words, no rules, just images taken by myself. Now I'm no photographer but I've been wanting to take more photos for a long time and this is exactly what I need to get me going. So I'll be using our little Sony Cyber-Shot which fits into my handbag or pocket and that means I can take it with me wherever I go!

I'm looking forward to seeing what appears! Happy August!


  1. This sounds brilliant. Himself might be interested in this. he's just bought a Nikon D5000 :)

  2. Oooh I'm turning a rather icky shade of green as I type...! If my month of photography turns out to be as fun and revealing as I hope it will, I may just have to put one of those on my Christmas List :-)
    have a great weekend!

  3. This sounds interesting. Photographs may be took everywhere. Let's start into August and see which images you think as special as it must be taken.

    I added your blog to my bloglist. Hope it is ok.

    Happy photographing!

    Best wishes from the other side of the world!

  4. Thank you Tamara - for visiting my blog and for your comment - best wishes to you!