Monday, June 1, 2009

There are Angels among Us

This is a dedication to the incredible people who gave their entire beings - their hearts, minds and souls - for the 36 hours of Sarah's captivity, to ensure that she was safely returned home on Saturday morning.

I have come to believe that for every awful thing that happens, a thousand miracles transpire. And for every terrifying crime committed, ten thousand angels swoop in to provide support, love and courage to the victims and their loved ones.

Heaven is full of them, dressed in white robes.
But they're right here on earth too, dressed in jeans and takkies, in uniforms and boots, in skirts and stilettos.
They may drive Jeeps and carry cell phones, or they may drive vans and carry guns.

They respond in emergencies with their hearts and not their heads.
They do not stop to judge or blame.
They act instead with instantaneous courage and selfless dedication.
They never lose hope.
And they never give up.

Angels teach us about pure unconditional love.

Some of them come to teach us how to receive love.
Others come to teach us how to give love (these ones are usually in heavier disguise).

An angel will always appear when we cry for help.

All we have to do is Ask,

have Faith

choose Love

and give Thanks.

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  1. Dearest Kath
    you are amazing, i have not looked at your blog for ages, and what a wonderful surprise, you are one of my many angels, i love you xxxx