Monday, April 18, 2011

44 reasons to be grateful

Today is my 44th birthday. That must qualify as my mid-forties!  I'm probably getting close to being half way through my life.  Although I plan on living well into my nineties, if not to 100.  I think that would be fun.  I might get a letter from King William, himself!  Anyway, in celebration of my birthday I've made a list of 44 things that are a blessing to me and which make my life wonderful.  And my intention for the coming year is to live more gratefully, and more gracefully. 

'Grace isn't a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal. It's a way to live.' 
Jacqueline Winspear

1. I am exceptionally grateful for my husband, Glenn - his steady love, his hard work and his creative spirit.
2. I am grateful beyond words to have two healthy, happy, talented, beautiful daughters - Talya and Anika - they fill my heart, my days and our home with love and laughter.
3. I am extraordinarily grateful for my Mom, who gave me this life and who loves me exactly as I am.
4. I am infinitely grateful for my Dad, whose spirit lives on each day in my heart and whose memory I will cherish forever.
5. I am unbelievably grateful for my sister, Sarah whose generosity knows know limits, and who knows me better than anyone else in the world - she is my best friend.
5. I am eternally grateful for my brother, Raymond. He is the most steadfast man I know.
6. I am deeply grateful for my friends - far and near, old and new.
7. I am so very grateful for my health.  I am so blessed to be strong and fit. I will do whatever I need to nurture and maintain it.
8. I am incredibly grateful for Yoga - for all my teachers, and for the ancient wisdom which has been passed down through the generations and is available to us today. It has changed my life in so many ways.
9. I am grateful for my yoga students - who return each week to my classes and who remind me why I love to share the joy of Yoga.
10. I am grateful for Shelby, the most beautiful Birman in the world.
11. I am grateful for books, for writers and for the joy of language, words and stories.
12. I am grateful for our local library - and for the greater Auckland City Library service!
13. I am grateful for the internet - information, communication, connection - the world at the touch of a button.
14. I am grateful for our home - and for the Home we are going to build in the coming year - a place to put down some roots.
15. I am grateful for my South Africanness - my birth place, my roots, my history, my first home.
16. I am grateful for New Zealand - the place I live, my second home, the Land of the Long White Cloud, the place of a thousand shades of green.
17. I am grateful for international air travel!
18. I am grateful for our school, the opportunities it gives our kids, the wonderful teachers and especially the Montessori class!
19. I am grateful for my comfortable bed, and the blessing of a good night sleep.

In addition to all of the above, I am very grateful for 
20. sunshine - nothing feels better than the feeling of warm rays on bare skin.
21. fresh air and healthy lungs
22. long walks on Muriwai Beach, in fact any beach - especially at low tide
23. invigorating swims in the sea
24. butternut soup on a cold winter's night
25. homebaking
26. denim jeans
27. painted toes
28. a warm shower in the morning
29. clean sheets
30. new undies
31. red wine
32. dark chocolate
33. sauvignon blanc on a sunny day
34. fresh vegetables - pumpkin, aubergine, zucchini, capsicum, tomatoes, ....
35. fresh fruit - feijoas, pineapple, crunchy apples, peaches, plums...
36. fresh herbs, especially basil, coriander, rosemary and parsley
37. roast chicken
38. espresso coffee - 'flat white'
39. my Pandora bracelet!
40. my thick, dark brown hair
41. my walking shoes
42. hugs
43. hand written letters and cards
44. birthday celebrations!

Happy Birthday Me!


  1. what a wonderful list of things to be grateful for, really great! I am turning 48 soon, maybe I should do the same.

  2. forgot to say happy birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday. I'd love to be 44 again. My forties were my most productive years, professionally and creatively... and they sowed the seeds for later on-going development.

  4. What an incredibly faboulous way to celebrate a birthday, by giving thanks!!! Im also thankful for every birthday I celebrate, hope you had a wonderful day!

  5. Happy Birthday to you. I love your list and when I visit NZ I'll stop by for some chocolate, a walk on the beach and to sit by the sea.

  6. Thank you for your birthday wishes - and please do let me know if you're ever in Auckland! xo

  7. A very happy Birthday to you!!! Aren't the 40s the greatest??

    Hugs, Marie