Sunday, January 16, 2011

it seems like only yesterday that I landed in this land of the long white cloud
changing country
changing life
changing self
it's ten years and I wonder if I will ever find my way back home
to me


  1. oh this is so sad, very poignant

  2. Your recent "stones" have been lovely--full of images and senses. I have tried to stay away a bit so as not to stalk or "hijack" your comments. But this stone drew me.

    It is a hard road, leaving a homeland and trying to adapt to a strange, new landscape both literal and cultural. I will always miss the red rock and the dry clean air of my birthplace. I have spent 20 some odd years here, basically my whole adult life, so perhaps it has been easier for me than it was for you to grow into this skin that I wear in this alien place that is also my second home. But there is also always the ache of homesickness with me in whichever of my two homes that I find myself in. A no win situation.

    I offer no advice, just hope that you can keep searching and that you find a balance between the old and new you. big hugs