Friday, January 28, 2011

back in the river

We're back from our holiday up north! After a very VERY wet and stormy start the weather brightened and we had some beautiful sunny beachy days, swimming, boogie boarding, exploring rock pools, collecting shells and walking along bush trails and sandy beaches. We had no internet, virtually no cell phone coverage and no tv. Perfect!
Here is a pocketful of stones collected while I was away :

torrential rain eases to a steady downpour
I take another sip of sauvignon blanc and buy Pall Mall (Monopoly)
the sea is a furious cauldrom of creamy foam
a blanket of grey hangs gloomily over the pot
not quite the tranquil postcard scenes we anticipated
but no less beautiful
after the storm, the beach is a treasure trove of flotsam from the sea:
seed pods, sea weed, drift wood, pebbles and shells
strewn in a tidal trail across the sand
a peace offering
we scramble up the side of the hill to catch a glimpse of the blue bay and rocky coastline on the other side
a large kereru bird emerges from the depths of the puriri tree,
sated with juicy red berries -
and launches himself into the evening air
sometimes a memory is rose tinted and returning to the place it was made disappoints
but then there are times when returning only reinforces and expands one's stockpile of joy


  1. love your words, sounds like you had a very relaxing time. With your chardonnay do you smoke too? this all sounds so idyllic and as usual I am very jealous

  2. it is so nice to hear that you had a lovely, relaxing getaway. good stones--a beautiful collection. I especially like the "memory is rose tinted" one. It is so true and so wonderful when returning is sweet.

  3. thanks for your comments.. in my first stone we were playhing Monopoly, so 'buying Pall Mall' referred to the game :-) - and no I'm not a smoker!