Thursday, December 16, 2010


Every December the pohutukawa trees which line the coast of New Zealand burst into a beautiful crimson bloom, just in time for Christmas! Here is a fine specimen seen at Shelley Beach on the Kaipara Harbour. I am often amazed when I see a tree covered in red blossoms standing right next to another one with barely a single flower. It makes me wonder what the magic ingredient might be? Attitude? Courage? Love?


  1. Isn't this beautiful! I have never heard of this before, absolutely lovely.

  2. my students have done reports on Christmas in New Zealand, so I have heard of their holiday dress up. It is funny though, how some trees show pluck or defiance. On my way to work there is a row of ginko trees. All but one had lost their leaves and there it was a display of bright, bold, yellow amid the stark, bare branches of its neighbors. Thanks for sharing your summer. Glad you are back.