Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day One

I've signed up for Bindu Wiles' online community project called 21.5.800 (you can read all about it by following the links). Basically what it entails is 3 weeks of practicing yoga for 5 days a week, and writing 800 words per day.

What was I thinking??

I like a challenge. And I tend to sign up for this sort of thing rather impulsively. But I do think that being part of a community and committing to something publicly does help one to follow through, and keep going when it gets tough. So I am hoping it will be the necessary shove that I need to get back into a writing habit. The yoga part will be relatively easy for me. It's the writing that will be a challenge. Earlier in the year I made a writing commitment which as you can see I haven't managed to stick to - even though it was small somehow life got in the way. I could come up with a string of excuses but I know they are irrelevant - there are people with a lot more on their plates than I have, who manage to make the time to write - because they make it a priority.

So once again, I am committing to this process because I know that practice is the only way to make progress. And practice means time and repetition, in order to create a habit. Our habits are what make us who we are.
Chefs must cook. Painters must paint. And writers must write.

As BKS Iyengar so wisely said:
'Change leads to disappointment if it is not sustained.
Tranformation is sustained changed, and it is achieved through practice.'


  1. That's a great challenge! And I love that it is just for a short time si its not too overwhelming. Enjoy and good luck!