Monday, April 26, 2010

my beautiful week 16

- I plunge Max's tail into a bucket of soapy water then gently work the lather through the coarse chestnut hair. It feels quite different to washing the girls' hair (Max doesn't moan one bit as I comb the tangles out) but the end result is no less satisfying.

- Talya rides with such confidence and ease; her entire being radiates joy. It seems to me that at the age of 7 she has already discovered her bliss.

- For a split second I find my point of balance and feel the sense of lightness that comes with achieving Bhujapidasana. Perhaps one day I will master this pose but for now I am content with a brief moment of poise.


  1. Wow, Bhujapidasana! I struggle with those poses. I made lots of progress with Crow about a year ago, but the arm balances are always a challenge for me! My teacher said the other night we will build up my strength! She is going to get me to do a headstand soon :)

  2. It's taken me years (and years!) to even come close to achieving any of the bird/balancing poses - but the perseverance has been so rewarding! One of the things I love so much about yoga, is there is always something to work towards, another challenge, another hurdle!
    You'll enjoy learning headstand - it is such a rejuvenating pose! Good Luck!