Thursday, April 1, 2010

in praise of my body

Rachel at Suburban Yogini's 'our bodies are awesome' post got me thinking about my body and how much it has put up with from me over the years. At various stages during the course of my almost 43 years I have overeaten, or undereaten, drunk too much, exercised too much, or too little, worked when I needed to rest, lazed about when I needed to move...and still my body has kept going, like a reliable Labrador, always there when I need it, waiting for my next command. All in all I've lived a pretty healthy active life so am lucky to be in good shape for my age but I have a tendency, like many women, to notice the flaws in my body rather than to celebrate what is great about it. So here with deep gratitude are the Five Things I Love about my Body:

My body can move. I have long, strong legs that have taken me to some wonderful places; I have climbed mountains, run marathons, cycled passes and swum (ok, splashed about in) seas. Last week on the way to school, the girls wondered what it would be like to be a tree rooted to the same spot for one's entire life. 'Boring!' they decided. Have legs, will travel.

My body knows what it needs. In the last ten years, thanks mainly to my yoga practice I have learnt that my body ALWAYS knows what it needs, when it needs it - it's been up to me to learn its language, pay attention, and to respond accordingly - whether it be for healthy food, exercise or rest. Whenever I ignore it, I suffer the consequences.

My body is flexible. I was born with natural flexibility. When I was a child I spent many hours doing backbends over the back of the couch driving the rest of the family mad, no doubt. As a teenager I danced, and as an adult I discovered yoga. My flexibility means I can achieve with ease poses that many people struggle with. Along the way I've learnt that too much flexibility is not a good thing and needs to balanced with strength and awareness. In yoga, as in life.

My body has a beautiful head of thick wavy dark brown hair. A hairdresser once told me I have enough hair for three people. I curse it because it can be difficult to manage but I am often complimented on my luxurious locks. And thanks to my great genes I am still a natural brunette (although I am noticing that the greys are multiplying so this may change soon...)

My body is an early riser. Morning is without doubt my favourite time of day. There is something sacred about being outside as the sun is rising on a new day. My body agrees and always wakes before dawn without an alarm clock.

What are 5 things you love about your body?


  1. I love that my body gets me to and fro, I love that my body produced three amazing children, I love the wrinkles around my eyes, I love the natural highlights in my hair, I love my freckles and blue eyes.

    Thank you for this reminder to look on the positive side of life.

  2. I appreciate my overall health. Just wanted to pop by and wish you and yours a Happy Easter - and candy too!

  3. Thanks Marie - and Happy Easter to you and your family too! We're smothered in chocolate here :-)