Saturday, January 9, 2010

pondering my profile

Am I a writer or someone who writes to explore the world and discover herself?

Am I a yogi or someone who is healed by yoga? Someone who sees the world more clearly when she’s upside down?

Am I a mother or someone who never thought her heart could hold so much love? Someone who has two daily reminders of how wonderful the world is when seen through the eyes of a child?

Am I a wife or someone who gives and forgives? Someone who is surprised by what love has taught me, who hopes that she will continually discover new ways to love the same man?

Am I a Capetonian or an Aucklander or someone who has learnt that home is less about where you live and more about who you are?

Am I a cook or someone who loves to prepare good food for hungry people? Or someone who is on a perpetual search for a nutritious recipe that will satisfy the world's fussiest 4 year old?

Am I a walker who sometimes runs or a runner who sometimes walks? Or someone who loves to be outdoors, whose body must move in order for her mind to be still?

Am I a sister, daughter, friend? Or someone who tries to give her best to the people who know her best? Who is blessed to have someone to turn to? Who hopes they know how much they are loved?

Am I 40-something or someone who learns something new everyday?

Is there a difference?

1 comment:

  1. I really loved reading and pondering this post.

    We are all just ourselves aren't we - totally unique but so so similar! And that's a pretty amazing thing. :)