Monday, June 29, 2009

imperfect human, perfect being

I had this idea to write something about perfection, about our human need to strive for an ideal body/relationship/home/career/life; and about how our imperfections (or rather our inability to accept them) hold us back, sometimes cripple us, often frighten us.

So anyway, I had the idea, I wrote the title and then I stopped. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know where to begin writing about how this deep seated desire to be perfect has been so much a part of who I am all my life.
So for over a week I wrote nothing.

Then this morning it suddenly dawned on me why I was struggling to write about perfection. I wanted it to be perfect! I was waiting for the perfect moment, when I would sit down and write some perfectly formed sentences which perfectly expressed how for so long I have yearned for perfection but how I hope some day (sooner rather than later) to embrace my imperfections and celebrate how uniquely flawed I am!

I've decided that today is that day.

From now on, I intend to let go of my need to be anything other than what I am right now. I intend to be grateful for all the mistakes I have made so far, because they have taught me so much. And I intend to allow myself to make a lot more mistakes, and to be 'less than perfect' because I want to move forward so much more than I want to stay stuck.
I want to sing out of tune so much more than I want to stay silent.
I want to dance stupidly so much more than I want to stand still.
And I want to write badly so much more than I want to sit staring at a blank page.
Because by doing something instead of nothing, we connect with who we are. We find our voice, our feet, our words, our courage. We find our uniqueness, our divine perfection.

I have learned that we're all flawed, we all make mistakes, we all stumble, we all get hurt. We all at various stages in our lives have been criticised, laughed at, ignored or mistreated. And we all, whether we are willing to admit it or not, have criticised, laughed at, ignored or mistreated someone else.

Like it or not, this is all part of our inherent 'human nature'. When we live our lives from our fear based ego perspectives we see only the faults in ourselves and in others, we hold onto grievances and we allow ourselves to be tied to who we have been, instead of moving towards who we are capable of becoming.

I've discovered that our search for perfection in external things will never bring us peace, because the perfection we long for lies within - inside our very being. The moment we withdraw from our fearful, critical minds and instead open up our loving hearts we become witnesses to that divine perfection - in ourselves and in others. We realise that right here, right now, we have the choice to either shrink away from or rise towards our highest potential.
And suddenly life is transformed from a constant battle to an exciting adventure, filled with miraculous discoveries and joyful encounters.
Life becomes a delightful dance, rather than a hesitant shuffle.
Life becomes a song of celebration rather than a woeful lamentation.

Hip Hip Hooray!

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  1. that was amazing, your writing is superb, you get right to the heart of the matter, you must put them all down for a book, love you xx